License for surveying services

Certificate on "ГМС" design

Certificate on engineering survey

Certificate on particularly dangerous objects

Verification certificate

The rapid growth of the amount of mining companies started in the early 2000s in the Republic of Karelia. The deficit of qualified surveyor personnel led to the absence of proper mining monitoring, and, subsequently, to violation of the fields processing order, accounting of mined raw, debits of carrying stock.
Considering the current situation on mining enterprises, it was decided to create a specialized surveying organization – the society with limited liability “Geomarkservice”, which was founded on January 31, 2003.

After obtaining the license to mine survey work, organization started to work. For conducting meaning operations, modern equipment was procured: electronic tachometers, specialized software, and visualization tools. In return, the enterprise was the most technically quipped at the time of creation. The problem with the engineering personnel was the most complicated. For this reason, Geomarkservice is directing young staff for gaining higher education in the leading universities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Significant deviations from the accepted projects solutions were detected in a process of conducting surveying observations

The need in a complex of engineering services was identified in the course of work with mining enterprise. In this case, structural reorganization was conducted and new departments were established. Today the enterprise provides engineering services for mining companies and, also, for industrial and civil construction companies. Here is the structure of our organization:

  • project department;
  • geological survey department;
  • department of engineering survey and cadastre ;
  • drilling department.
Massive technical rearmament of enterprise was conducted in 2011 – 2013. For production of engineering-geological surveys the reference station based on Trimble R-9 receiver was purchased. In addition, base station Trimble R-7, six receivers Trimble R-8 and 2 receivers Stonex S9 were procured. In December, 2013 unmanned aerial vehicle “Gatewing X 100” was bought, tested and now successfully operates.

The park of drilling equipment also was completely renovated. Our company purchased the compact self-propelled unit “КВ-13”, drilling self-propelled unit “Commacio-207” with “Atlas Copco” compressor with a performance of 30 atmospheres, drilling rig “Gemrok”, and crane-manipulator with trailer on chassis a/m “Kamaz” with carrying capacity of crane-manipulator machine – 10 ton.