• Engineering-geodetic surveys:
    • development of geodetic control networks
    • geodetic observations for deformations and buildings and constructions sediment, the earth's surface movement and dangerous natural processes
    • creation and updating of topographic plans in a scale 1:200 – 1:5000, including digital form, shooting of underground utilities and structures
    • tracing of linear objects
    • special geodesic and topographic work in a construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures
    • remote sounding of land surface
  • Engineering-geological surveys:
    • engineering-geological shooting in a scale 1:500 – 1:25000
    • testing of excavations with a trial, lab research of a soil physico-mechanical properties and chemical properties of a groundwater/li>
  • Engineering-environmental surveys:
    • engineering-environmental shooting of a territory
    • researching of soils chemical pollution, surface and underground water, atmospheric air, sources of pollution
    • laboratory chemical-analytical and gas-chemical research of soils and water samples and trials
    • research and assessment of physical impact and rational environment on a territory
    • exploring of flora, fauna, sanitary-epidemiological and biomedical research of a territory