• Construction, replenishment and development of surveying bearing, production of quarry's surveying shooting, industrial site, finished goods warehouses and dumps;
  • Transfer to nature of elements of mining output, boundaries of mining and mining allotment;
  • Drafting and temporary replenishment of mining graphical documentation;
  • Determination and accounting of finished mining workload, including production volumes, losses registration and dilution of minerals;
  • Verification of opened, prepared and ready for excavation stocks status ;
  • Participation in data preparation for elaboration or adjustment of a project documentation;
  • Preparing data and negotiation and, if needed, making adjustments in plans of mining operations development, "ПРГР" composition;
  • Preparing documentation and materials for technical calculations of blasting operations;
  • Preparing production documentation, reporting;
  • Preparation and agreement, in the prescribed manner, of materials concerning cancellation or temporary conservation of the mineral reserves;
  • Constitution and transfer information about production volume, losses and dilution of minerals, reserves movement and, also, status of excavation (according to law about "subsoils").